cocktail napkins – a different type of mug rug

I found some lovely looking hemp fabric online on the Dharma Trading Company site and ordered a yard to see if it was as lovely as it looked. It is! It has a similar look and feel to that of some types of linen which is just what I wanted to try my hand at the fancy version of a mug rug: cocktail napkins.

It took a few tries to get the mitered hems to look right, and then a few tries to get close to the look I was hoping for, but the results aren’t too shabby!

I changed from a universal to an embroidery needle for my second monogram and I think the results are much cleaner. I used a hemstitch needle to stitch the hems.

I’d like to use cotton thread for these because they really need to be ironed and ironing rayon or polyester isn’t an easy thing to do! I ironed these from the reverse side. (I used Aurifil 50wt, which is 100% cotton, as my bobbin thread.)

After I finished these, I thought I’d try them on a less fancy fabric: 7oz unbleached canvas. The hemstitch needle didn’t work at all on canvas. I tried heavier weight thread and didn’t like that, either. It seemed that every color I tried looked wrong… Then I looked at a spool of variegated thread I had and hadn’t used (I only bought it because I couldn’t resist the colors 🙂 and thought maybe it would work.

image of cocktail napkins

love the variegated thread borders!

I can’t wait to monogram these with the same thread!

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